Investment needs are unique to each and every Individual. No single financial plan would be suitable to everyone. It is necessary, that awareness is created. Such awareness ,created and understood , is the Individual’s responsibility, who undertake decisions and apply the same to their situations. This website or any Individual or entity related with this website , would not take or assume any liability towards the decisions undertaken by such individuals. Individuals are encouraged to make inquiries, validate such information, from available resources on both online and offline content , before undertaking any financial decisions.       This website does not charge any fees for such services rendered. Information sought and sharing of such information is permissions based . The website focuses only on the NPS All Citizen model and the Corporate model only as more awareness needs to be created on this models. Government model and the erstwhile NPS swavalamban model (Now Atal Pension Yojana ) are already being undertaken by the Government agencies through their own network and marketing channels.


They are the same for the All Citizen model / Corporate model.


Charge Head

Service Charge

Method of Deduction


Initial Subscriber Registration

Rs. 200.

To be Collected


Initial Contribution

0.25% of the contribution Min: Rs. 20 & Max : Rs.25,000

All Subsequent Contribution

All Non-Financial Transaction

Rs. 20





Through cancellation of units




Account Opening Charge

Rs. 40

Rs. 39.36

Annual Maintenance Charges

Rs. 95

Rs. 57.63

Per Transaction       (Financial/Non-Financial)

Rs. 3.75

Rs. 3.36


Asset maintenance (Per Annum)

0.0032% of AUM

Through adjustment in NAV


Investment Management (Per Annum)

0.01% of AUM

NPS Trust

Reimbursement of Expenses

0.05% of AUM

    Through adjustment in NAV

Trustee Bank

Trustee Bank charges

No charges levied by Trustee Bank