Investment needs are unique to each and every Individual. No single financial plan would be suitable to everyone. It is necessary, that awareness is created. Such awareness ,created and understood , is the Individual’s responsibility, who undertake decisions and apply the same to their situations. This website or any Individual or entity related with this website , would not take or assume any liability towards the decisions undertaken by such individuals. Individuals are encouraged to make inquiries, validate such information, from available resources on both online and offline content , before undertaking any financial decisions.       This website does not charge any fees for such services rendered. Information sought and sharing of such information is permissions based . The website focuses only on the NPS All Citizen model and the Corporate model only as more awareness needs to be created on this models. Government model and the erstwhile NPS swavalamban model (Now Atal Pension Yojana ) are already being undertaken by the Government agencies through their own network and marketing channels.

What are the benefits of the NPS ?

Rank these once more in the order of importance .

The following are the standard benefits of subscribing to the National Pension system.

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Serial Nos Benefits Explanation
1 Costs The costs are very low in the case of the NPS.The administrative charges , Pension fund manager charges and operating charges are steady and would see a drop as the numbers adopt the NPS scheme. NSDL which is the Central record keeping agency , has a reputation of providing world class facilities in the fields of Capital markets and has consistently dropped costs in the light of the volumes.
2 Account Opening The account can be easily opened as the form is quite simple to understand . In view of a variety of service providers in the set up , the form is lengthy as it has to parameterise all the requirements at the design stage itself. This once understood and filled completely and correctly would go a long way in understanding the process also. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to be aware of the characteristics of the form.
3 Flexibility in managing the account The NPS account is flexible in most of the areas covered . It can modify the pension fund manager , fund allocation . The same form can be used for exercising choices without multiple forms in place.
4 Portability : The account can be accessed from anywhere in the country or world . It can be serviced from any location or online facilities in the world . The account can also be shifted between two POPs so as to suit the needs of the subscriber.
5 Regulation The NPS is a regulated product under theGovernment of India . There are strict guidelines in place to ensure smooth working of the process and there is a deviation reporting mechanism , which can invite penalties for the intermediaries if the process is not followed as per existing guidelines prescribed.
6 Taxation Benefits With the announcement of the new budget provisions in February 2015 , the NPS subscribers can heap a lot of tax benefits , if the scheme is understood correctly and optimise on the taxation costs.
7 Fair estimation of the Corpus A fair estimation of the corpus by using simple tools of compounding helps a lot for planning . It helps in course correction due to the flexibility of the scheme to accept any contribution annually over and above Rs 6000 per annum.
8 Accessibility of Information Information is available at the click of the mouse . Technology has become a great enabler and is constantly innovating to provide information at the fastest speed at the fraction of the costs.
9 A learner’s guide Subscribing of the NPS creates vital financial planning skills as it embraces consistency ,discipline and sticking to a fixed path which are very important pillars of financial planning.